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Based in Jacksonville, Florida, The Grey Area is a short documentary film intended to provide a unique, intimate, and engaging perspective from the main subject Keagan Anfuso on being a “masculine female”. Anfuso, alongside co-director Drew L. Brown, are developing the film with a mission to expose how the pressure of gender stereotyping oppresses the natural and distinct character of an individual. Anfuso and Brown seek for the film to be comprehensive and emotionally relative. The film reflects their belief that gender stereotyping affects every human being regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression.


GENDER STEREOTYPING : Simplistic generalizations about the gender attributes, differences, and roles of individuals and/or groups. They rarely communicate accurate information about others.

Desperate to be heard rather than branded, Anfuso has been a woman refusing to conform since the age of 10. Overcoming extreme bullying, violent threats, long periods of emotional isolation and complete social disconnection, Keagan Anfuso is a modern version of shattering the stereotypical idea of the traditional woman. She is an example of a woman fighting for
the power to just exist as she is.

By continuing to create raw, genuine, and unfabricated content for the purpose of giving a voice to individuals still affected by the lack of progress, we can keep the focus on where our society truly is and how far we still need to go.

“Our system has been based typically on the idea that a particular kind of anatomy comes with a particular identity. And so we have this terribly simplistic idea. And when we’re faced with a body that actually presents us something quite different, it startles us in terms of those categorizations. “ – Alice Dreger // TED Talk // Is Anatomy Destiny?


We want this film to be viewed by as many audiences as possible and with your support we can continue to extend our reach. If you’re interested in helping us play a positive part in furthering the gender conversation, Follow THE GREY AREA film: